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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Need a good children's book for Thanksgiving? Look no further. You have found it. Dogg the Detective and the Tale of the Missing Tail Feathers is a wonderful Thanksgiving mystery. As a teacher, it is difficult to find a good Thanksgiving story, because there are not very many Thanksgiving stories out there that kids would actually enjoy. This story is perfect for kids. This mystery book will have your kids predicting, solving and becoming little detectives of there own. One thing that was cracking me up about this story was Dogg's sidekick who happens to be a goldfish in a bowl. What a hilarious character. Who would have thought a goldfish in a bowl would be so funny? You too will find the story and characters to be clever and funny as you solve the case of the missing tail feathers. To buy this story on Amazon before Thanksgiving, Click Here!