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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Bugs and baseball don’t mix. On a normal day I would agree with that statement, but Author Nancy Oswald has changed my mind with her wonderful new book, “Insects in the Infield”. When I first received this book, I could not stop admiring the cover. Very nice piece of art. I always judge a book by its cover, and when I do, I hope the content on the inside is just as phenomenal. This story was fun from beginning to end. The nice thing about this book from a teacher’s point of view is that it has baseball, insects, bullies, and humor. This is a wonderful book to read to your class during the spring when baseball season is starting, and Earth Day is coming, and discussing bullies is a good thing to do any time of the year. This book is a must. I must buy, I must read, and I must share. 
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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Guess What? My boys now know how to tie their own ties! It is about time! What a creative, fun way to get kids to learn life skills. My boys loved the book, and they were very excited to immediately try tying a tie. As a father, I am sold. This book does what it advertises. But I would go even further than that. I would love to take this into a classroom with a bunch of ties and see if the students would react the same way as my boys. What a great way to get children reading and applying what they have read to their lives. 
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Monday, October 14, 2013

Jim Carrey has done it again. He has proven to the world that he can do anything he puts his mind to, and do it well. Jim’s first book, How Roland Rolls, is a success. How Roland Rolls is a wonderful  and brilliant  children’s rhyming book that’s full of humor, beautiful illustrations and knowledge. It has an amazing message to share with kids. As a teacher I would use this book in my class to help the children see how important they are to the whole class and community. They play a bigger part than they know. But I think the biggest payoff this book has to offer anyone that buys it, is the quality time spent reading this magnificent, heartfelt book to their own children. As a father, there is nothing greater than sitting down with my children and reading them a wonderful book and watching their reactions, and learning from their insights. That is what I feel Jim has done. Provided not only an amazing book, but provided an opportunity to have quality time as a family. Don’t pass up this book. Jim Carrey and Rob Nason have created something amazing, let’s hope they do it again. To view this book on, Click Here!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Here is a book I wanted to review before I was even asked to. The Brothers Whim (Spencer and Randy) went out on a whim and created an amazingly beautiful and inspiring book. The illustrations are breath taking. The story; very inspirational. Together, this book inspired me to want to illustrate my own books. Don't worry. That won't happen any time soon. As a teacher this is a wonderful book that helps illustrate the idea that if you start off small and keep building onto it, eventually you will have a masterpiece. So many students give up and say they can't do it. I feel this story will help motivate anyone. Can't wait to see the Brothers Whim's next book.
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