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Monday, October 14, 2013

Jim Carrey has done it again. He has proven to the world that he can do anything he puts his mind to, and do it well. Jim’s first book, How Roland Rolls, is a success. How Roland Rolls is a wonderful  and brilliant  children’s rhyming book that’s full of humor, beautiful illustrations and knowledge. It has an amazing message to share with kids. As a teacher I would use this book in my class to help the children see how important they are to the whole class and community. They play a bigger part than they know. But I think the biggest payoff this book has to offer anyone that buys it, is the quality time spent reading this magnificent, heartfelt book to their own children. As a father, there is nothing greater than sitting down with my children and reading them a wonderful book and watching their reactions, and learning from their insights. That is what I feel Jim has done. Provided not only an amazing book, but provided an opportunity to have quality time as a family. Don’t pass up this book. Jim Carrey and Rob Nason have created something amazing, let’s hope they do it again. To view this book on, Click Here!